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Offering only the best in quality fighting and structured techniques to make fighters who have the advanced edge on opponents..






Train with former and current world champion brothers Stu & Steve McKinnon ..over 20 years experience in muay thai.
*Not applicable for use of the Kids class

Upcoming Events

Saturday 16th September
Nathan 'Nasty Boy' Robson 8 man tournament in Melbourne
Saturday 16th September 11am-1pm:
Kids Grading
Saturday 30th September 12.30pm- 2.30pm:
End of 8 Week Challenge BBQ
Thursday 12th October 6am:
Weekly Yoga classes begin
Saturday 14th October- Powerplay, Melbourne 
Nathan 'Nastyboy' Robson and Steve 'Smashing Machine' McKinnon
Saturday 16th December:
Bulldog Christmas Party

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Bulldog Gym Castle Hill now train and mentor children into becoming champions, teaching them the skills to Muay Thai, discipline and respect.

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Who we are

Bulldog Gym was established in 1989 by Nick Stone in Balgowlah NSW. Bulldog Gym has become not only the largest facility in the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing but also the largest chain across Australia.

Muay Thai Kickboxing Bulldog Gym Castle Hill was originally started in Blacktown NSW by Stuart McKinnon and Steve McKinnon in 1993, staying there for 4 years then moving to a larger more suitable facility to accommodate the ever growing clientele. Now situated in the heart of Castle Hill Bulldog Gym is a fully equipped kick boxing gym including a full-size ring, weights area, cardio machines, bags and speed balls to suit everyone from beginners wanting to learn self defence, weight loss and gain fitness to amateur and professional fighters.

Bulldog Gym Castle Hill is run by World Champion brothers Stuart and Steve McKinnon.