• Steve McKinnon

    Steve McKinnon Steve McKinnon Steve following in his brothers footsteps also starting martial arts at a young age under the guide of his father achieving black belt and moving over to Muay Thai at the age of 15. Steve is still a professional fighter and the current WBC World Champion. Steve is known more for his aggression and power, combined with Stuart’s speed and Read More
  • Stuart McKinnon

    Stuart McKinnon Stuart McKinnon Stuart started martial arts at 4 years old following his fathers foot steps in Shotokan Karate. Stuart’s father originally owned Karate schools in Scotland and Australia giving Stuart his passion for martial arts. Stuart achieved first dan black belt at 10 years of age, competing in numerous tournaments virtually undefeated as a junior until the age of 17 Read More
  • Cody Barnwell

    Cody Barnwell Cody Barnwell Started training Muay Thai at Bulldog Gym Castle Hill in 2015 . Cody came to Bulldog Gym as he heard it was an excellent gym and the trainers would push him to his limits. Cody trained hard with trainer Stuart and fought for Bulldog Gym in 2015. Cody works well to adapt his training to the clients' needs and Read More
  • Nathan Robson

    Nathan Robson Nathan Robson Started training Muay Thai at Bulldog Gym Castle Hill at the young age of 14 and became a professional fighter at the age of 18. His knowledge and talent is far beyond his young age, he has learnt from the best and this shines through in his performance while fighting. His passion, love and dedication to the sport is Read More
  • Jess Coetzee

    Jess Coetzee Jess Coetzee Started training at Bulldog Gym Castle Hill in 2014 to lose weight and get fit. Jess began to love the training and came in everyday. Next thing Jess knew, she was preparing for her first fight. Jess' love for fitness and fighting makes her a great trainer for those wanting to get fit and lose weight. Jess has Read More
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