What is the 8 Week Challenge?

The 8 Week Challenge is a challenge Bulldog Gym offers to everyone to help them improve themselves to their full extent. The challenge includes a Primo Bioscan (full body composition analysis) at the beginning and at the completion of the challenge to see the results of the hard work put in. For people who are not already members of the gym, it will also include membership for that 8 weeks so you are able to enjoy all areas of the gym at times convenient to you and an unlimited number of classes. Discounted private lessons, suggested workouts and eating habits. Ongoing support and motivations with someone keeping you accountable throughout the 8 weeks. Optional meal delivery to the gym for your convenience through Nutrition Station Castle Hill.

The 8 Week Challenge is a way to improve fitness and transform your body and lifestyle. The challenge enables you to remain motivated throughout the 8 weeks with the support of your trainer and the rest of the challengers. 

Last Challenge Winners

There were prizes available to participants who; visited the most classes, lost the most fat, gained the most muscle mass and lost the largest fat percentage. The winners won a variety of amazing prizes including vouchers, hampers, private lessons and memberships. 

The person who visited the most classes: 
Shayne Adams 43 times in 8 weeks

The person who lost the most fat percentage:
Shayne Adams (3.2%)

The person who lost the most fat (kgs):
Lachlan Mckay (3.2kg)

The person who gained the most muscle mass (kgs):
Calum Telega (2.1kg)